CARDI Faculty

Tracy Camp  Tracy Camp, Ph.D.
CARDI Director

I enjoy CARDI because it has an inter-disciplinary focus (and the members are FUN!) 
William Navidi  William Navidi, Ph.D.
CARDI Co-Director

CARDI gives me the opportunity to share ideas with people who work in fields different from my own. 
Michael Wakin Mike Wakin, Ph.D.
I enjoy CARDI because of the diverse interests of all the CARDI members.
Tyrone Vincent Tyrone Vincent,Ph.D,
CARDI keeps its members connected to the cutting edge through its sponsorship of meetings, colloquia and the annual research fair.
Qi Han Qi Han, Ph.D.
I enjoy CARDI because interacting with people from other disciplines related to computer science can help inspire new ideas and broaden my horizon.
William Hoff William Hoff, Ph.D.
I like CARDI because the people are friendly and interesting, and I enjoy hearing about their activities and their research.
Kathryn Johnson Kathryn Johnson, Ph.D.
I like CARDI because it's full of fun researchers and I enjoy learning about what they do.
Kevin Moore  Kevin Moore, Ph.D.
I like CARDI because of the chance it gives me to work outside the box of my own discipline (and for the free lunches we used to get at the monthly meetings!). 
Mike Mooney Mike Mooney, Ph.D.
CARDI provides a nice forum through monthly seminars and an annual student poster session to learn what other researchers are pursuing.
Panos Kiousis Panos Kiousis, Ph.D.
I am a Civil Engineer and I enjoy working in multidisciplinary projects. Being a member of the Center for Automation, Robotics, and Distributed Intelligence provides as much "multidisciplinarity" as I can possibly hope.
Cameron Turner, Ph.D.
Whenever you bring together a group of people with diverse visions and interests - the results are often both amazing and unexpected.
  Marcelo Simoes, Ph.D.
I like CARDI because it allows me to work in real multidisciplinary projects.
John Steele, Ph.D.
I like CARDI because it reflects reality, i.e., the problems we tackle involve multiple disciples and working with folks from other disciplines leads to different perspectives, better solutions, and we all learn a lot!
  Ray Zhang, Ph.D.
I enjoy being a member of CARDI for its multidisciplinary feature.

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